A Little Back Story on Me & the Hubs: How We Met

This month is the 15th anniversary of when hubby and I first met and to celebrate, we’re sharing how we met and our engagement story.  And if you’re interested in reading further, you can also find links to our wedding story and more at the bottom of this post. 

How We Met

I was working at a local amusement park for my second summer in a row when I met my husband.  Like usual, I was making my rounds, taking surveys of local guests, in order to find out what they did or didn’t like about the park.

While walking, I always saw lots of thirsty co-workers in booths in the hot sun.  Many of us were rarely provided with breaks or water, so I would often take water to people if they were thirsty and if I was passing by anyway.

One day, the person that I gave a water to just happened to be my now husband.

He was both surprised and grateful, and after that, he would always search for me from his booth in hopes that I would stop by to bring him water again. If he didn’t see me on a particular day, he would usually try to find me before or after work to chat and crack jokes.  He never did have the courage to ask me out before the season ended, but every now and then, we would see each other through a mutual friend.

Finally, after several months of talking on the phone and going out among friends, I asked him to go with me to a family function. I picked him up at his house and told him that we would be going trick-or-treating with my little niece and nephews at the mall.  Afterward, he asked me to come with him to a party at his friend’s house in return. I decided to go.

When we arrived, his friend immediately started teasing him and pushing him to ask me out.  Basically, if he didn’t do it, his friend would do it for him…lol.  After a little push from his friend, he got down and one knee and asked me to be his girlfriend…yes, on one knee…lol.

I’m guessing the point was to impress me and prove that his intentions were good.  Looks like it worked.  

How We Got Engaged

This story is best told by hubby (he remembers every detail!), but for now, I’ll do the telling.

The hubs had been preparing to propose to me for quite a while.  He just had to work up the nerve and save up for a ring. Little did he know, I was totally in the know and his game wasn’t the least bit a secret…lol.  Ladies, when your man wears his heart on his sleeve, it’s not hard to tell…for the record.

He took me out to dinner at Olive Garden (one of my favorite restaurants at the time) for a wonderful meal and I could tell that he was trying hard not to seem suspicious.  As dinner was ending, I remember telling him what a beautiful sunset there was outside, to which he responded by gently hurrying us out of the restaurant.  We had got caught up in conversation and he must have lost track of time.  He said that we needed to be somewhere for the sunset and he was nervous that we would miss the light.  He didn’t tell me where were going, of course.

After a short drive, we arrived at Heritage Landing. It’s a beautiful little spot on the lake in Muskegon with a gazebo covered bridge and an amazing sunset view.

I could tell that he was nervous about the sunset fading away so quickly and as he stumbled to get something out of the trunk, he asked me to walk up to the bridge alone.  I waited patiently on the bridge as the sun faded into the deep blue sky.  It was a rainbow of majestic beauty and all I could do was wonder why in the heck he would be going into the trunk if he was proposing…lol.  I was just hoping that my feelings were right and he really was going to propose to me.  I mean, I can’t image what else we would be doing.

Finally, he started walking up the bridge and there was nothing visible…no ring…no tire iron…nothing.  I was confused, but excited to see what surprise would come next.  As he came near the top of the bridge, he asked me to turn around and face the water while he did something behind me.

I waited, half-patiently, until he asked me to turn around.  When I did, I saw him down on one knee with a sparkler in one hand and a ring in the other…yes, a 4th of July sparkler.

There is a backstory to the sparkler.  We had talked about it a few months back and I’d had no idea that he was really listening when I said how much I love them.  I remember mentioning that I loved them so much that I would rather have one on my birthday cake than a candle.  But who knew that they were perfect for wedding proposals too?  

With all the nervousness in his eyes and a look of truly not knowing what I would say, he asked that question.  “Chantilly — {my full name} will you marry me? “

It was beautiful.  His innocence and vulnerability at that moment was touching and of course, I said yes.  I got down onto both knees with him, hugged him and told him how much I loved him and that I would love to spend the rest of my life with him…

…and the rest is history!  

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This story was first published in December 20, 2011.

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