Absentee Fathers – Best example of a bad example

My father wasn’t always there for me as a kid.  In fact, he was never there.  He wasn’t the one who taught me how to do car repairs or the one who offered wisdom on how to be a good man.  He never gave me a skill and I can’t recall one time when he ever told me he loved me.  I’m not sure if he ever did, but I’m beyond that now.  I can’t dwell on it anymore because I have my own daughter to raise and I refuse to let her grow up fatherless.  Not just in the physical sense, but in the emotional sense.  Something my father could never give.

But I had a role model and inspiration, my abuelo.  He was my one good example of what a father could be.  And my father?  The best example of a bad example.  I take it with a grain of sal.  That’s the one contribution he made to my life, showing me exactly what I never want to be.  Thanks pops!

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Ricardo is a proud Tejano, writer and podcaster, who shares stories about his childhood in Laredo, and life in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.