Arrorró, mi niño Bilingual Children’s Book Review

Bilingual Children’s Books: Arrorró, mi niño

Arrorró, mi niño is excellent book for both parents who are fluent in Spanish and those who may not be fluent.  The author, Lulu Delacre, has lovingly pieced together and illustrated this book with U.S. Latina moms in mind.

“I feel very strongly that as Latinas raise our children in the U.S. within two cultures, we must keep our traditions and folklore alive and pass them on to our young. It is the way to give children roots, especially as they learn to cherish the language and culture of the U.S.A.” ~ Lulu Delacre

The book includes 15 different Spanish lullabies and gentle games with their English translations which are brought to life by warm, inviting illustrations that are both beautiful and comforting for the littlest readers.  Delacre’s book includes classics like “Los Pollitos Dicen” and “Esta Niña Linda” which she’s collected from Latinas originally from fourteen different countries.  It has been a blessing in our home.  Neither myself nor my husband are fluent Spanish speakers and we work hard to educate ourselves in both Spanish language and Mexican culture.  This book has been such a help in adding that special Latina mom touch to our home.  I was aware of a couple of Spanish Lullabies, but honestly, I felt like a lot was missing.  This book has been a helpful extension that has brought me one step closer to instilling Latino heritage in my daughter.  It’s a wonderful way to bridge the gap and keep Spanish as part of our most loving and intimate mommy-daughter time…bedtime.

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Lulu Delacre is a native of Puerto Rico and an advocate for the preservation of Latino roots in the U.S.  As a mom raising a Latina daughter and the wife of a man who has struggled to rediscover his roots, I really respect her efforts.  Arrorró, mi niño also includes the melodies for each song at the end of the book and as an added bonus, Delacre has crafted a companion CD with the very same lullabies that provides Latina moms (or honorary Latina moms like me) with another method for learning these beautiful songs and putting them into practice.

You can learn more about this book by visiting the Lee & Low website where you can purchase the book and the companion lullaby CD, listen to the author talk about the book or visit her website.

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