March 2017 • Photo Album #2 • Bicultural Familia • Harlingen, Texas

March 2017 • Photo Album #2 • Bicultural Familia • Harlingen, Texas

Hola familia!  Every month, I put together a collection of photos from our day-to-day life here in Harlingen, Texas.

I worked as a photographer for years and have always had a passion for it, but sometimes life catches up with you.  And before you know it, you’re too busy to pursue the things you love.

So, as part of my #Fearless2017 Challenge to myself, I’m dedicating this space to share my photos and track my progress and improvement.

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Now…on to the photos!

My daughter absolutely loves looking through cookbooks and one of her favorites is the Paleta’s book by Fany Gerson.  She’s also the author of My Sweet Mexico and the forthcoming Mexican Ice Cream book.  Check her out, because her books are awesome and filled with gorgeous, full color photos!

Freezer Pop Maker:

Watch our video review of Paletas by Fany Gerson

Can’t see this video?  Click here: Paletas by Fany Gerson Video Book Review

Above are the four books included in our giveaway with Sweet Life (more on that below).  Here are the links to where you can find them:

I had my good friend and fellow blogger, Vianney Rodriguez from Sweet Life, over recently to co-host a Facebook Live cooking show!  Her series, #CookingWithSweetLife, features a ton of awesome Texans who share their passion for great, local food.  Above is a shot I got of her during our mini photoshoot.  Oh yeah, and if you love her “Raised on Selena” T-shirt and want one for yourself, you can find that here: Raised on Selena T-Shirt

The two pictures above are of a beautiful Pineapple Paloma cocktail that we made with Vianney and shot together.  The pictures came out gorgeous!  You can find more pictures from Vianney on her blog.  Just click the link to the recipe in this paragraph.  For these photos, we used Vianney’s studio lamp, which created some beautiful deep shadows and lots of glimmer on the fruits and drink glass.

Dulce Vida Tequila is wonderful, super smooth spirit made right here in Texas.  It’s Vianney’s favorite, for obvious reasons (Dulce Vida = Sweet Life), and so she brought a bottle to share with us.  For the shots of the bottle, I set it on the table and used natural window light to try to recreate similar shadows to the images above.

The three shots above I took in my backyard on sunny day with a little bit of cloud cover.  I used my favorite cobalt blue drinking glass and tried to get some illuminating shots that would show off that gorgeous, rich color.  The blue background you see in the shot?  That’s a stadium chair that I rested a flat wooden crate on top of.  Then I laid my cloth surface and the glass, bottle and garnishes.  I love the way it turned out!  Outdoor lighting is still my first love…lol.

I practiced a little more and shot these three photos of flour and corn tortillas for a blog post.  Taken on the same day, in the same lighting scenario.  The photos came out really nice and I love the addition of the avocado and the lime.  If you’re interested, you can check out the blog post here: Corn Tortillas vs Flour Tortillas

I took these two photos of baby Antonio on my phone and I absolutely love the expressions I caught. Look at that gorgeous little smile!  ???

The photo above is a hilarious shot I got of Lilyana when we were filming our family vlog.  She saw a butterfly and was terrified of it.  You HAVE to see the video!  It’s adorable and hilarious.  Here’s the link: She’s Terrified of Butterflies…LOL

We also started using Instagram Stories this month!  In our InstaStories, we’re sharing daily pictures and videos of the kids and family activities.  The neighborhood cat that Lily helps takes care of just had her kittens, so we’re sharing some adorable pictures of them too!  If you’re not already following us, come check us out at!

And here’s one last shot of all three of the kittens together!  Adorable!  ♥

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That’s it for this month!  In the meantime, you can follow us on social media for more updates (links at the bottom of this post).  And don’t forget to stop back over on the first of every month to see our next round-up of pictures!

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