April 2017 • Photo Album #3 • Bicultural Familia • Harlingen, Texas

April 2017 • Photo Album #3 • Bicultural Familia • Harlingen, Texas

Hola familia!  Every month, I put together a collection of photos from our day-to-day life here in Harlingen, Texas.

I worked as a photographer for years and have always had a passion for it, but sometimes life catches up with you.  And before you know it, you’re too busy to pursue the things you love.

So, as part of my #Fearless2017 Challenge to myself, I’m dedicating this space to share my photos and track my progress and improvement.

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Now…on to the photos!

Takis Fuego nachos and Tostitos salsa verde nachos from the local Elotes truck that run through our neighborhood. ??

The little kittens finally opened their eyes, so we made sure to get plenty of pictures of them and their mama.  This is whiskers.  Below are her babies; Sheena, Milo and Simba.  So, so adorable.  ♥

I also got some really gorgeous photos of Lily with the cats.  

This year was our FIRST Easter in Texas!  I absolutely love this gorgeous picture of our daughter after our cascarones fight with Vianney and her family from  We celebrated the holiday with a Tex-Mex parrillada, drinks and a cascarones fight! ❤️✨

We spent the Saturday before Easter with our friends at Sweet Life!  That’s Vianney’s youngest daughter (a.k.a. Lily’s best friend).  

We filmed most of our Easter celebration and cascarones fight with our amigas!  Click here to watch the video on YouTube. ??

Vianney and I also had a shoot to document her gorgeous Guava and Red Wine Spritzer.  Check out the behind the scenes!  ?

These are the painted, confetti-filled eggs we bought from Family Dollar here in Harlingen, TX.

Hubby got this awesome “El Tejano” shirt from our friends at the Soy Tejana shop!  Like it?  You can grab your here.

The next day’s aftermath.  On Sunday, we relaxed with the kids, cooked our Easter ham and opened gifts.  

The next day, on Sunday, we opened gifts from our family in Michigan.  The kids had tons of cute little eggs filled with candy and toys.  Thank you to our MI familia for thinking of us!  

Hubby pitched in and gave me a hand with the photography duties. This shot came out great!  Take a look below. 

Next, I asked hubby to get some pictures of me and the babies.  And they turned out really nice.  

And of course, we had to get a cute photo of hubby and the babies! ?

Another gorgeous gift from our friends at Soy Tejana.  This is the Café y Chisme mug.  Perfect for a steaming hot mug of cafecito, hot chocolate or atole.  ☕☕☕  For this mini shoot, I served up some hot cocoa with a chilled sliced of pastel de tres leches.  YUM!

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