A new cartoon for biracial Spider-man (Miles Morales)

Biracial Spider-man comes to television

Biracial Spider-man (Aka. Miles Morales) is expanding to television, in a new cartoon series where he will be voiced by Donald Glover.

I wrote about biracial spider-man back in 2011 when it was first announced that the original Spider-man (Peter Parker) had passed on and Miles Morales, a mixed Black/Latino and much younger Spider-man would be taking over the reins in The Ultimate Spider-man comic book series.

We’ll be checking this one out once it airs!

The comic book was a great start.  Now they’re developing a cartoon.  Hopefully a film is in our future…and personally, I would love for it to be something that I can take my six year old daughter to see when it opens.


New Ultimate Spider-man Clip with Miles Morales

Via USA Today:

The new season of Disney XD’s animated series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors will take Peter Parker through various parallel worlds, including one where he meets Miles Morales, his half-Hispanic, half-black counterpart, voiced by[Donald] Glover. The season premieres Sunday (9 a.m. ET/PT), and the “Spider-Verse” arc of episodes airs next year.

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