Black Male Privilege & Black Women {Trending Tweets}

Black Male Privilege and Black Women

Black Male Privilege and Black Women

#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen Trending on Twitter

If you don’t think that male privilege inherently disadvantages women, think again.  If you don’t realize that men regardless of race (Black, Latino, etc.) have an advantage over women of color, you’re in for a lesson.  Women of color are double disadvantaged by their color and sex, and this is shown in plenty of research data for those interested in searching.

But beyond that, there is a conversation brewing on Twitter.  Black feminists made their voices heard on Twitter early today through the hashtag #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen.  The tweets, much like those we heard on the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag yesterday, are intense, thought-provoking and honest.

Clutch put together a really interesting and provocative collection of tweets that get to the core of the issues being stated.  I’ve embedded Clutch’s Storify stream below if you’re interested in taking a look.

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