Biracial Spider-Man: Bye Bye Peter Parker, Hello Miles Morales!

Miles Morales

A New Biracial Spider-Man!

Ok, there’s been quite a buzz lately about the new Spider-man and some are excited, but many are wondering, why didn’t Marvel just create a new Black super hero or a Latino super hero, and why mixed?  Why Spider-man?  

For me, it’s pretty obvious, and it’s not all about marketing, although I’m sure that factored into their decision to actually run with the idea.  Being the mom of a biracial Latina daughter, I recognize the huge milestone we’re setting.  Until now, there have been very few faces like my daughter’s in the mainstream media…still waiting on that Latina princess Disney!

Now I get everyone’s point…let’s not steal the white characters…let’s promote our own characters and develop their stories.  That’s all fine and good, but who will buy those stories?  Who’s been buying the stories of the other comic characters of color now?  *crickets*  

Seriously though…who’s buying them?  Plain and simple, we need a strong, well-known, well-loved character to bring white audiences in and show them why a multiracial Spider-man can be just as awesome as the original!  

Sure, they’ll miss Peter Parker, sure…some whites will protest, but in the end…their kids will grow up seeing a multiracial Spider-man and he’ll be on every supermarket shelf in America, right there in plain sight!  How many brown super heroes can we say that about…honestly?

I’m loving the new Spidey makeover!  It’s long overdue in my opinion, but the timing makes sense.  Just think, 3 years ago we wouldn’t have imagined a Black president!  

Like Spider-man, that gig was reserved for white guys only…but now, our children will have the opportunity to picture a variety of individuals in the Oval Office.  

Why?  Because it’s a prominent position, Obama’s face is all over the news, his words hang in the very air we breathe, his presence has become a part of the fabric of America.  A new image that demonstrates what it means to be American…America’s face isn’t just white anymore…it’s brown too!

This new Spidey isn’t just a marketing ploy, it’s a huge opportunity to see brown faces in the most reserved and coveted positions of this nation.  Like our president, Spidey will become a piece of the fabric, a face of America, a symbol of our increasing diversity.  

He will be a brown face that makes it to mainstream and normalizes color in America.  And if we’re lucky, one day…brown won’t seem “foreign” anymore.

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