Can a light-skinned biracial woman consider herself black?

Can a light-skinned biracial woman consider herself black?

I thought this was a really interesting conversation on biracial identity and especially colorism.  This discussion right here is why “race” doesn’t really make any sense.  There is no one “box” or “race”, and while we may believe that a biracial or light-skinned individual should still be able to claim “black”, at the end of the day, the experience of a dark-skinned black woman is quite different, as she mentions in the video.

I definitely have some mixed feelings on this since my daughter is a light-skinned biracial Latina as well.  I’ve had some women tell me that she can’t really claim herself as “Latina” because she will “pass” for white or comment that her experience will not be the same as other Latinas.  While these statements have some truth to them, it is still disturbing to think that both whites and Latinas could see her as an “outsider”.

I would love to hear some more debate on this if you’re up for a discussion, and please feel free to drop any interesting links as well.


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