Celebrate Interracial Marriage on Loving Day!

What is Loving Day?

Loving Day is the celebration of a victory for interracial couples that happens every year on June 12th.  You see, not so long ago, just about 50 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal.

That is, until the Lovings came along.

When they couldn’t legally marry in Virginia, they decided to travel to D.C., marry and then return home later to start their life together.

Unfortunately, they were in for a lot of trouble.  They went through a lot more than most of us could bear and ended up in court, despite their desire to avoid the situation, and were instrumental in securing rights for interracial couples.

In 1967, Mildred and Richard Loving won the Loving vs Virginia legal battle and changed the laws nationwide for mixed race couples in every state.  A monumental achievement during their time.

There’s now a movie about their story, called LOVING.  Watch the trailer below.

Why Loving Day Matters to Us

As a mixed race family, we often think about what we would have done if we weren’t born into their generation.

How could we have dealt with what the couples before us had to?  Could we even be together?  What would happen to our children?

It hurts to even imagine how many families have been persecuted for interracial marriages.  I feel blessed all the time, knowing that I’ve had the right to choose the partner I love.  I don’t forget it.  I can’t, since we still hear old opinions about race mixing from people even today.

I think back on the Lovings and so many other couples who had to pay a higher price for love and it’s heartbreaking.  This is something we never want to take for granted and I’m so glad that we have a day to celebrate and reflect on the history.


To find out more about Loving Day, check out their website, watch the documentary and read some of these great books!

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