Connecting our Kids to South Texas Culture

Connecting our Kids to South Texas Culture

Even when we were in Michigan and South Dakota, we were thinking about Texas.

It was hubby’s dream.  Ever since he left South Texas in 7th grade, he’s dreamed of going back.  Something that he wanted even more once we had kids.

“I want them to know who their daddy is and where our culture comes from.”

From birth, the kids were told stories of Ricky’s abuelo, his adventures with his cousins en el rancho and what it was like to live in a place where everyone looked, sounded and ate like you.

Being Mexican wasn’t the oddity that northerners made it out to be.  In South Texas, you were simply, Tejano, and everyone lived immersed in a mix of American, Mexican and Texan cultures.

When he moved to Michigan, my husband lost that connection to his roots.  He went back to visit Laredo every chance he got, but when his abuelo finally passed, he thought that he’d lost his chance of ever coming back to South Texas.

Moving Back to South Texas

For years since we started dating, we talked about moving back to South Texas.  We calculated the costs and logistics.  We went back and forth on which city to move to.  What spots are closest to family and friends?  What neighborhoods are the most affordable?  What cities have lots of activities for families and kids?

We planned out so many possibilities, and then came the fears.  What if we’re all alone there with no friends or family nearby?  What about the fact that we don’t even have a car to get around?  What if we really can’t afford this?  Relocating from the Midwest to South Texas is a huge, cross-country move.

We decided to do it anyway.  We put our savings and tax refund together.  We sold everything we had so we could pack light for the trip and ship the rest of our things to our new house in Texas.

After months of mentally mentally calculating the costs and risks involved, we took the leap and bought our plane tickets.

We arrived in Harlingen on May 2nd, 2016.  Finally, we had made it to South Texas.

I still remember the day we got off the plane in Harlingen. Lily walked up to the airport shop clerk and simply said, “Hola.”  The clerk responsed in Spanish without skipping a beat.

Lily’s little heart melted and in that moment, we knew that all of the hard work we’d done to get here was 100% worth it.  ❤

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