My favorite diabetes tracker app for Android

diabetes tracker app, diabetes logbook app, diabetes android app

diabetes tracker app, diabetes logbook app, diabetes android app

Best Android Diabetes Tracker App

I recently found out that I have diabetes.  Since my diagnosis, I’ve struggled to find ways to manage my diabetes conveniently and effectively.  It’s not always easy, because the most difficult part of diabetes management is forming new habits.  I have to remember to check my blood glucose levels every morning, after every meal and before bed.  I have to exercise every time my levels are high, especially since I’m trying to manage my diabetes through diet and exercise only.  I’m trying to avoid the need for diabetic treatment medications.

It also means doing my best to maintain a healthy diet, which means low carb, protein and fiber rich foods.  My meals are different, snacks are different and I do my best to moderate my intake of carb loaded drinks like milk and juice.  Soda is not even an option anymore.  I quit that months ago.

As you can guess, it can be difficult to tackle so many new habits all at once, but I have found a few things that help.  My husband and daughter are the biggest help.  They’re my #1 fans and cheerleaders.  :)

I’ve also found it really helpful to try Diabetes management apps that help me to remember every doctor’s appointment and track my progress.  So far, the best one I’ve found is the Diabetes Tracker from Mitigal Secure.

You can get the app for Android here:

Here are some of the features of the Diabetes Tracker app:

  • Profiles: Create a custom profile with all of your data in it, plus additional profiles for other family members who may also be managing their diabetes.
  • Glucometer: Enter all of your blood glucose levels and times to keep a details record, stats, etc.
  • Medicine Tracker: Keep a track of your Insulin intake, vitamins and other medications.  You can also schedule reminders for meds.
  • Doctors & Appointments: Add custom profiles for each of your doctors and appointments that you have with them.  You can even call your doctors through the app.
  • Food: Create a food log of everything you eat. Discover new recipes and diet tips for diabetics.  There is also a list of diabetic superfoods to help you keep your levels down.
  • Exercise: Log your daily activity and get recommendations for exercises you can do to bring down your glucose levels (warm-ups, yoga poses, and aerobics).
  • Reports: Get detailed reports of your progress and easily share them with your doctor.
  • Reminders: Set reminders to help you create daily habits and keep up with your glucose testing, medication times, and exercise routines.
  • Expenses: Keep a record of all of your health related expenses in detail.

If you would like to try the app, you can get it out here:

It’s totally free, but if you would like to remove the ads, it’s only $2.99.  I paid to upgrade to add free and I think it was totally worth it.  This is a great app!



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