Find $4 Generics at Walmart, Target & Many Local Pharmacies

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Find $4 Generic Prescriptions in Your Area

Did you know that you can get generic medications for just $4?  That’s right.  Most medications are now available in their generic form for less than you’d spend on a McDonald’s kids meal.  The best part?  You don’t need to do anything to get this deal.  You can get whether or not you have insurance and with no questions about your income.

All you have to do is check a list to be sure your medication’s generic equivalent is on the list, and have a prescription for medication signed by a doctor.  

That’s it.

Simple right?

I pick up my generic meds every single month at the local participating Hyvee pharmacy.  Since I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a thryoid condition that affects cognition and comes with a mountain of smaller side effects, I can’t afford to live without my Levothyroxine…and nobody should have to.  It’s absolutely necessary for function when you have hyperthyroidism.

When I don’t have my meds, I can’t focus…and that’s not good as a mom, as a blogger, or as a professional.

Even many nationwide stores like TargetWalmart and Kroger provide this same $4 generics offer.  Many local pharmacies offer it too, so please do call around to find one in your area, if needed.  Or you can search “$4 generics” + your city name on Google to find a local store.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, you can also check out and for popular medications at lower prices.

View a full list of offered medications here:

You can search the above list either by medication or by ailment, so check them out.

I hope this will help you or someone you know!  Please share with those who can benefit!  Thanks!


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