Remembering our first days as new parents #AmorConBritax

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It wasn’t that long ago that I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.  She’s my everything and with her in our lives, we finally became a true familia.

I married my best friend.  I had my baby girl.  While everything else in our lives was crazy, the love of our little familia was always constant.

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All of mija’s ultrasounds went as expected and she was healthy and beautiful.  But, just to be sure, hubby grew out his long curls out to help keep her safe (an old tradition in Mexican/Indigenous cultures).

I have to say…his curls are absolutely beautiful.  ;)

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We couldn’t wait to meet our little girl and when she was finally here, all we could do was hold her and snuggle her and ensure that all her needs were met.  She was so small, and so fragile and all ours.  :)

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The photo below is one of my absolute favorites.  At the time, our little girl was very sick with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), so sleeping didn’t always come easy for her.  She would also stop breathing periodically throughout the night and had to be on a apnea monitor.

I remember spending many nights just watching her until I was too tired to stay awake any longer.  Finally, when she was taken to a specialist, we found answers, she was prescribed the correct dosage and was able to sleep more soundly.  Below is a picture of mija and papi taking a nap together on his day off.

Such a special moment together that I wanted to treasure forever.  They are just so beautiful together.

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She’s such a beautiful little girl…so strong, so determined, so smart and amazing.  She’s our constant source of inspiration, strength and love.  ♥


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