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first time flying first time flyer flying for the first time

first time flying first time flyer flying for the first time

First Time Flying

Last week I wrote about my first time flying with Jettly and what it was like psychologically to embark on my first flight, that I had somehow deemed an impossibility long ago.  It was a little scary, there was motion sickness, lots of guilt, some definite hesitation and surprisingly…some growth too.

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I didn’t expect things to really change after my first flight, but they did.  Inside of me, something changed a little.  I felt “entitled” I guess you could say.  I never thought flying was something I would be able to do, although I dreamed about it often…about visiting Mexico, Peru, Spain, Italy and various other places in the world.

I guess I always felt like it was out of my reach, but after flying a few times…it felt reachable…even normal to jump on a plane and fly halfway across the country.

A friend (another blogger) told me, “Just wait, you’ll see.  You’re going to get the bug after this.  You’re going to always want to fly.”  I didn’t believe her at the time because I was so nervous about flying and somehow I didn’t really think it would happen.

She helped me pick out my first airline ticket…something I was totally clueless about.  And still it didn’t sink in.  I packed my things and finalized all my travel plans…still, it wasn’t fully real to me.

When we arrived at the airport for check-in and my daughter cried and pleaded to come with as I walked toward the gate, that’s when it really hit me.  I didn’t want to leave.  I didn’t want to go alone.  I didn’t want to leave them behind.  What if something happened?

We had a good cry and I hugged and kissed both of my babies goodbye.  Luckily, I had thought to bring a treat and a new toy just in case it was an emotional goodbye.  That helped…but it was still hard.

Overall though, it was such a mind-opening experience and also good to see that hubby and baby girl could make do without me.  They had so much fun during that extra “daddy-daughter” time and I’m so glad it was special for them.  That made it easier.

These days, my daughter is always associating me with air planes.  Every time a plane flies over head, she yells, “Look mama…there goes your airplane!”  She’s even been asking me about when she will get to ride with me on the airplane.

“Soon,” I tell her.  “Very soon.”

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