Gerron Hurt Wins MasterChef Season 9!!

Gerron Hurt Wins MasterChef Season 9!

Whooo…I just got done watching the MasterChef Season 9 Finale, and I am full of emotions.  After an exciting night of birthday fun with our son (he just turned 4!), we decided to catch the finale this morning on Hulu.  We’ve been following the show all season and were super excited to see three of our favorite home cooks make it to the finale!

I started out rooting for all three!  I mean Ms. Miami, a Tejano from Houston and the Nashville hot chicken king??  How could I not holler for all three of these amazing cooks, in the most diverse MasterChef finale we’ve ever seen!?

The entrée round was by far my favorite.  Ashley’s impeccable guinea hen, Cesar’s inspired mole and Gerron’s gorgeous shrimp and grits dishes were absolutely stunning.

MasterChef Season 9 Entrées:

But as the show went on, I found myself rooting more and more for Gerron.  He was the ONLY competitor that perfectly cooked both of his proteins, and his sole mistake throughout the entire competition was simply due to a sputtering sauce bottle that tarnished his plating in the final round.

Throughout the competition, we also saw MasterChef judge, Joe Bastianich, repeatedly question and interrogate his mentee, Gerron, about his food choices and direction.  The commentary went on and on, to the point that I seriously doubted that Gerron would be named the winner…even though his three course meal had the most praise and fewest errors!

Gerron Hurt Named MasterChef Winner!

Ya’ll, we screamed and hollered at that TV like nobody’s business!  Through that entire competition, Gerron stuck to his roots and brought his hometown of Louisville and his beloved Nashville to the plate.  He got into MasterChef on hot chicken and he won on hot chicken too!  Ya’ll can’t say nothing about Nashville!

Chef Gerron Hurt’s Winning Dishes:

Gerron started out as an underdog in the series, but through each episode, his skill level and confidence grew by leaps and bounds.  His childhood stories, passion for food and desire to better his community made him a crowd favorite.

But what really got me, was his creamy, succulent shrimp and grits plate. Gerron served up a dish inspired by his mother; Carabinero Prawns with Heirloom Grits, Shellfish Au Jus and Crispy Shallots.  Shrimp and grits was one of her absolute favorite dishes and the last supper that Gerron shared with her before she passed on.

I’m excited for his win and to see what he does next.  We’ll be watching for his cookbook and, of course, looking for updates on Ashley and Cesar too!  I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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