Get Your Cat Outdoors & Active with Purina ONE®

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Get Your Cat Outdoors & Active with Purina ONE®

Not long ago, we wrote about our cat, Dusty, and his struggle with digestive issues. We went through multiple food brands and tried a variety of things to find a solution to no avail…until we found Purina ONE® dry cat food blends.

For over four months, Dusty has been on Purina ONE® cat foods without a single issue. But even before that, we saw a change in him within days after switching his food. That was enough evidence for us to switch for good.

Since starting on Purina ONE® we’ve seen a ton of improvements, like Dusty being able to keep down his food, becoming more active, playful and alert, being more relaxed and content, and having stronger teeth and a shinier coat.

After taking the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge, we knew that Purina was the best option for us. Purina ONE® cat food blends have been a huge part of his transition and are the exclusive brand we choose to maintain his diet.

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Treat Your Cat to some Outdoor Adventures

We recently started taking Dusty out on the nature trails with us and to the park with the kids. While they play, he climbs trees. When we walk along the trails, he love to ride on our shoulders. He loves to be perched up high, so he can bird-watch and explore nature.

purina one cat food, purina one 28-day challenge, purina one active cats

What we Love about Purina ONE® Cat Foods

Before taking him out on a recent nature trail hike, we stopped at Walmart to pick up his food and some treats. One of his absolute favorite treats are the Wild Alaskan Salmon Filet from Fancy Feast.

He also loves the Indoor Advantage blend from Purina ONE® because the pieces are small and easy to eat on the go. It’s the food we usually bring with us on road trips and when we’re staying away from home, because you can get a small 3.5 pound bag that can easily be toted from place to place.

And because his Fancy Feast salmon filets don’t require refrigeration, he can still have a fresh and delicious treat even when we’re on the road or out and about.

purina one cat food, purina one 28-day challenge, purina one active cats

Taking Family Nature Hikes with Your Cat

Now that Dusty is healthy and happy, and all of his digestive issues are gone, we can take him places he’s never been before.

We highly recommend taking your cat with you and the kiddos on nature hikes and to explore the outdoors. It’s a great sensory activity for your cat and so much fun for the kiddos too, who love the idea of having their family pet to explore with.

When we were out on the trails, our daughter lifted Dusty up to see each new plant, to climb in trees and to watch the birds flying above. Our son showed him how much fun it is to play in the dirt and get messy.

purina one cat food, purina one 28-day challenge, purina one active cats

Some Tips for Taking Your Cat on Nature Hikes

Are you thinking about taking your cat on a nature hike or to explore the outdoors? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first time out!

Vet check: Make sure that your cat has been vaccinated and has all of the recommended treatments to prevent fleas, ticks, heart-worm and other possible ailments. You’ll also want to make sure that you cat has an ID tag and/or micro-chip in the event that they get separated from you.

Pack a bag: Make sure you pack plenty of food, water, treats or snacks, cat-safe insect repellent (to protect from fleas and ticks), first aid and a waste bags (pet waste contains harmful bacteria and should never be left in the wild). If you’re somewhere hot, you may also want to consider bring an umbrella or sunscreen for your cat. And let’s not forget that most cat’s aren’t big on walking long distances, so a cat carrier or cat stroller are great options if you travel with your cat often.

Bring a leash: At most playgrounds, nature trails and state parks there are leash rules. Make sure your cat has a properly fitting harness and a leash that’s long enough and allows them to explore. This also helps keep them safe from wild animals, other people’s pets and prevents them from getting lost while adventuring.

Train your cat: Before you leave for your first trip, make sure that your cat is familiar with their harness and leash. This might take a couple of weeks. Also be sure to train your cat to follow a few basic commands, like coming to you when called. You can start by taking your cat out into your yard or local neighborhood to practice.

Most of all, remember to be patient and have fun. This experience is going to be a new adventure for both of you.

Do you take your cat on nature hikes or with you when you travel? We would love to see your pictures! Share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #PurinaONEPets and tag us @BiculturalFamilia so we can follow along and share your photos in our social media stories!

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