Happy Mother's Day! Better Believe It, You Are MOM Enough!

Happy Mother’s Day! Better Believe It, You Are MOM Enough!

So, yesterday I was up late finishing up my take on the TIME magazine breastfeeding cover shot, just in time for Mother’s Day.  You know, the one where they call mothers out as being either fanatics or not quite “good enough”, and I couldn’t help thinking about all the mud slinging going around this Mother’s Day.

In a desperate attempt to spur on the mom wars and poke at our sometimes fragile mom identities, TIME has chosen Mother’s Day as the perfect time to remind mothers yet again, just how lacking we are in society’s eyes.  Well, you know what?  We don’t have to take that.

Just a little reminder to say, YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH.  And not only that, but you are a SUPER MOM.  You are a generation of moms that really does it ALL…work, home, kids and seriously…EVERYTHING ELSE.  And you know what?  We do WAY more than ENOUGH.  WAY MORE.  And we shouldn’t have to be judged like this for everything we do.

Images like the one in TIME are solely for magazine sales IMO, because if you talk to any mom, she’ll tell you that we do twice is much work as the men and still make it look EASY.  Easy enough that when men have to take over our tasks for the day, they’re more than frazzled.  We also do more research that anyone on the planet…moms don’t take these decisions lightly and we often have to make them without support.  A sign of our strength and determination.  So when do we get credit for that?  When do we get credit for going AGAINST the grain?

So I say, TIME, let’s focus on nurturing APPRECIATION for the work moms do and focus a little less on penalizing moms for choices that we know very little about.

FOCUS on a more DIVERSE group of moms and might actually learn a thing or two.  Just a thought.


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