Hispanicize 2012: Cafe Versailles in Miami

Miami Cuban Cuisine

Cafe Versailles – Cuban Cuisine in Miami

Wednesday night I ended up going out with a couple of blogueras to sample Cuban food and Miami’s own Cafe Versailles, a local landmark.  It was a pretty big experience for me, since I’ve never had Cuban food, but it reminded me a lot of our small family owned Mexican restaurants in my hometown.  Nothing too fancy, but more like a social hub and diner with good eats.  ;)

Silvina from @LatinaComm is a local Miamian and fellow blogger who was super generous and invited us out to experience Cuban food with her.  Myself, Lisa from Autism Wonderland and Silvina all had a great time just visiting and taking in our fab meal.

cafe versailles miami

Carne de res a la milanesa at Cafe Versailles in Miami

Cuban Milanesa

I ended up ordering something familiar to me…lol…carne de res a la milanesa.    The Versailles version was a bit different, but still very much the same as the Mexican style milanesa that I love.  Instead of being covered in just a tomato sauce, it had more of a tomato salsa and warm, bubbly cheese layered on top.  Delicious!  Served with a side of arroz con frijoles and platanos maduros, which have more of a molasses-type flavor.

The price was great and we each had enough to take a box back to the hotel with us.  Just the way I like it!  ;)  Hubby and I always like to take a little something home when we go to our favorite Mexican restaurants too.

Silvina and Lisa at Cafe Versailles in Miami

For Lisa and I, this was our first ever trip to Miami!  She’s a native of the Bronx and I’m from South Dakota, so this was a real treat for us both!

We were so excited to have Silvina, who lives in Miami, take us out for a night on the town.

Mira!  How cute are these ladies, right!?

cafe versailles miami

Flan cubano from Cafe Versailles

A final treat for us was this creamy and luxurious flan cubano from Cafe Versailles.  The whipped cream was a nice touch!  ;)  {Silvina}

The best flan I’ve ever had was made my a woman from Spain.  She created this amazing, creamy flan that no other flan has ever been able to live up to.  This flan came close.  It wasn’t too sweet or too bland, but just perfect to go with a nice cafecito.

Lisa and Silvina at Cafe Versailles

All three of us at Cafe Versailles

We had a great time chatting and meeting up in Miami, plus the awesome food.  And to top it all off, the next morning, one of the sessions we attended from @GM_Diversity served croquetas…also a first for me.  I would never have imagined that they were filled with ham.  I’m so glad I had the chance to try them!  :)

More to come tomorrow!


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