Holiday Gift Guide for Retro Dads

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Retro Dads

Father’s day is just around the corner and I thought I’d share a few of the gifts my husband has enjoyed over the years.

He’s the kind of guy who likes Father’s Day gifts with a classic or old-school flair.  So, I usually tend to stick to gifts with that specific vibe most of the time.

Below, I’m sharing some of his favorite gifts from over the years, plus a few ideas I have for future gifts.

Take a look!

And don’t forget to share these ideas with anyone who’s shopping for classic dads, retro dads or just loves classic-retro gear for themselves! below.

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#1 – Classic Lunch Box and Thermos Set

There’s nothing better than a gift that takes them back to a special moment or memory in their lives.  My husband loves the classic lunch box and thermos set because it reminds him of his abuelo (grandfather).  Whether old and worn or a new set that he can break in himself, this is an item that any man who likes classic gifts would love.

classic straight razor set, stainless steel straight razor, old school straight razor, retro straight razor

#2 – Old-Fashioned Straight Razor Set

One of the most classic, old-school gifts that guys love…a straight razor set.  My husband has always wanted one of these and now he collects them.  He buys new razors, new soaps, etc. and tests them out to find out what he likes best.  He’s a huge fan of eucalyptus and mint.  Why not get a set like this for the classic man in your life?  I’m sure he’ll love them!

classic mens watch, classic ments silver watch, water resistant silver watch, silver divers watch

#3 – Classic Men’s Silver Watch (Water Resistant)

Hubby is obsessed with nice watches.  He loves a good watch and especially the sleek-looking silver watches ones that look modern, but still a little old fashioned at the same time.  They remind him of his grandfather and have held a special place in his heart over the years, not to mention they just look fabulous.  A water-resistant watch is essential too since hubby rarely takes off his watches.  The longer it can last, the better because there is nothing worse than having to break in a new watch all over again.  This one is going to be around for a while.

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#4 – BBQ Pit / Charcoal Grill

Summer is the perfect time for grilling and hubby is a grilling fanatic. He’s usually out by the grill rain or shine, whipping up all of his favorite carnivore favorites. Better still if he has a pit or smoker, he loves to smoke our Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham. Does your husband, dad or a dad in your life love to grill? Why not get him a BBQ Grill for Father’s Day? Or how about a grilling accessories kit?

retro camera, retro fuji camera, old fashioned camera, classic camera, retro digital camera

#5 – Retro Digital Camera

Sleek and stylish, but with a modern twist. A retro digital camera is the perfect blend of old and new. Capture all of your favorite family moments, portraits or scenic photos without the hassle of film. Shoot in 4K without totin around a heavy DSLR camera. If the dad in your life loves modern photography and is also crazy about retro gear, this is definitely the gift for him.

retro record player, suitcase record player, blue record player, turquoise record player, aqua record player, digital record player

#6 – Classic Suitcase Record Player

This classic suitcase record player is the perfect gift for a dad who likes unique, out-of-the-box gifts. But this isn’t any ordinary record player. It can also play 45s and stream digital music. Connect your device manually or via Bluetooth to enjoy hours of tracks from your favorite old or new musicians.

Did you get any of these items for the dad in your life? If you’re a dad, what was the best gift you ever got?

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