How to Litter Train Your Cat in 48 Hours or Less

How to Litter Train Your Cat in 48 Hours or Less

We recently adopted our first family pet, which has been amazing, but not without it’s challenges.

Since she’s was a stray cat, we had to litter train her, which was pretty stressful, since she was completely new to the concept. I’m not a dog person and after reading does dog saliva cause acne? I was quite convinced that a cat would be a better option any day.

After her first “accident,” we decided to create a failproof method to litter train her.

STEP 1:  Clear out a small room in your house, where you can keep your cat overnight.

I got this tip from Jackie Johnston’s article on litter training kittens. I decided to use our guest bathroom.  I cleared everything off of the counters, took away any shelves, supplies, handsoaps, the trash can…everything.  That way, she wouldn’t be able to act out destructively or find other places to do her business. Sometimes you need to use the best cat deterrent to keep your cat from wreaking havoc in your home.

The only things left in that bathroom were her litter box at one end of the room and her food and water dish at the other.

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How to Litter Train a Stray Cat

STEP 2: Leave them in an isolated space overnight until they catch on.

Since we cleared out everything in the room and left her with no options other than either cat litter or the hard, cold floor, It didn’t take her long to catch on.

On the very first night, she used her new litter box!  We were super relieved, but since she was a feral cat and had never used a litter box before, we decided to give her a couple more days to get the hang of it before giving her free reign of the house at night.

During the days, she was able to roam free with our supervision. We just watched her and put her in litter box if she looked like she had to go. Then we put her in the bathroom with only food, water and litter box at night.

After 2-3 days, she understood that her litter box was the ideal spot for doing her business and she hasn’t had another accident since.

Now, we’re onto the next big training issue…figuring out how to get her to stop destroying the window blinds.  If you have any suggestions for us, please leave them in the comments!

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