Creepy Javelina Sounds on YouTube

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Javelina Sounds that will make you squeal

My husband grew up in Laredo, Texas and one of his worst fears was the Javelina.

When he used to go out on the rancho, his older cousins would always carry BB guns in case they came across any dangerous animals, like javelinas and snakes.

It was also a fun way to torture your younger cousins by pretending that a javelina could get you at any moment…lol.

Have you ever seen a javelina before?  

If you’ve ever heard one squealing in the night, you know it’s the kind of sound that makes little kids run all the way home to make it before the sun goes down.

Welp…Texans, now you can freak out your familia with these creepy Javelina sounds on YouTube.

Everyone knows how dangerous these huge animals can be.  And if you’re Texan, you just might jump when you hear the sound below!

Creepy Javelina Sounds on YouTube

More about Javelinas from Texas Parks and Wildlife:

Early Spanish explorers, in their ventures into the “New World,” encountered a pig-like animal similar in appearance to the swine of the “Old World.” They called the animal jabeli (Arabic-Spanish for wild boar) or jabalina (Spanish for spear, due to its spear-like teeth). Hence, the common name of javelina by which we know it today. Also described as the Mexico musk hog, the javelina or collared peccary (Tayassu [Pecari] tajacu) is only distantly related to true swine believed to have shared a common ancestor some 40 million years ago. The peccaries (Family Tayassuidae) were developing in the Western Hemisphere about the same time that swine (Family Suidae) were developing in the Eastern Hemisphere […]

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