Julián Castro Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

Julián Castro Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

It’s official! Former HUD Secretary for the Obama Administration and San Antonio Mayor, Julián Castro, has announced that he’s running for president in 2020.

For years, we’ve watched him rise in the political arena and heard speculation about a possible bid for president. Welp, the day is finally here.

I sat down with my husband this morning to watch the live announcement on YouTube and we were encouraged hearing his hopeful words during his first presidential campaign rally.

During the rally, Julian’s supporters touched on his accomplishments as an advocate for early education, his commitment to economic justice for all Americans, and to creating a renewed, prosperous future for our country.

One woman told us of the impact of Julian’s pre-k program on her children’s success. Another woman, Carmen Lidia, spoke about the support she’d gained through Julian’s Café College program. Her voice shook as she shared her story with the crowd and told us about all of the amazing work she’s been doing through her organization, Significant U.

Watch Julián Castro’s Presidential Campaign Announcement

Jump ahead in the video:

Julian’s mother, Rosie Castro, also spoke about her son and his character. As a mother and activist, she worked hard to make improvements in her community and teach her children about their ethical responsibility to help uplift others.

Finally, Julián took the stage and his speech did not disappoint. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it was reminiscent of Obama’s early speeches.

In his address to the crowd, he touched on his immigrant roots, the cruel policies of Trump and his hope for a better, more fair and prosperous, future for all Americans.

He also outlined four pillars of policy that he planned to tackle while in office as president.

Julian’s Four Pillars of Policy

Smartest – Julian wants Americans to be among the smartest and best educated in the world. He plans to do that through investment in early education and make college more affordable.

Fairest – Julian is committed to reforming the criminal justice system and reforming immigration to keep families together.

Healthiest – Julian will work to provide Medicare for all and universal healthcare for every American.

Most Prosperous – Julian supports The Green New Deal, raising the minimum wage, protecting women’s right to choose, protect the right of workers to organize, protecting the rights of individuals from discrimination, creating safe and affordable housing for all.

In his speech, Julian promised not to accept a dime of PAC money or corporate donations. He also expressed his desire to unite with grassroots civil rights organizations like Black Lives Matter and March for Our Lives.

In a moment of Tejano pride, the rally ended with an iconic song from Selena Quintanilla, Baila Esta Cumbia. Gotta love it!

What did you think of Castro’s speech and his policies? Will you be voting for him? Or are you still weighing your options?

Click here to watch the rally on YouTube.​​​

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