Homeschooling basics: Kumon homeschool workbooks


About two years ago, I started homeschooling my daughter.  Nothing spectacular.  Just an at-home, personalize curriculum that I created myself.  It basically consisted of doing a different subject each day of the week and really focusing in on the basics: alphabet, numbers, simple math, etc.

I used the popular Mead workbooks to supplement her learning and I still love those, but I wanted to try something new, so I ordered a few Kumon workbooks on Amazon last week to see how they measured up.

Kumon homeschool workbooks are a little different from Mead, in that they have fewer lessons and more repetition of the same types of lessons.  While you may not cover as many topics in one book, I like this because it really allows the child to gain a firm understanding of the subject matter before moving on to the next level in reading, writing, math, etc.  Since kids in preschool and kindergarten pickup skill much easier through repetition, this style makes sense.  Both workbook sets (Mead and Kumon) are great and I still combine them from time to time if she gets bored or wants something new.

What I typically do is scan pages for the following week over the weekend and print them out in sections of 6-10 pages.  Each day, mija gets a new section of the book.  She also gets a folder to keep her completed homework in and has a sticker chart that she uses to keep track of all her completed projects.

I really wanted to recreate the school atmosphere for her as much as possible, so she packs her backpack with homework and school supplies the night before even gets “dressed up” for class.  She loves it!


What tools or resources do you use in homeschool or to suppliment your childrens’ education?  I would love to hear what works best for you.

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