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Laura Tellado, journalist and award winning author of Holdin’ Out For a Hero and Espresso con Leche, has launched a donor page with Pepsi’s community fundraising initiative, the Pepsi Refresh Project, to raise funds for a national campaign for Spina Bifida.  The campaign, which includes funding a support group in her local community for Spina Bifida youth, would seek well-known spokespersons and national ads to bring attention to her cause, education and quality care for families with Spina Bifida.

Laura’s blog, Holdin’ Out For a Hero, chronicles her own experiences and challenges as an individual with Spina Bifida and is just one of many platforms that assists her on a quest to improve the quality of life for families who struggle with finding essential care and support in their communities.

I know that Laura is committed to this cause and will bring a new level of awareness to the discussion in the U.S., especially regarding Latinos, who are affected by Spina Bifida at a much higher incidence.  Laura is currently ranked #148 in her category and we would love to see her rank in the TOP 10, so she can make this dream a reality!  Please join me in supporting Laura and this amazing cause!  The deadline for voting in November 30th, so let’s make it count!


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  • VOTE DAILY by visiting and texting 10995 TO PEPSI (73774)!  You’re allowed one online vote and one text per day, per device.
  • SPREAD THE WORD on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to generate involvement and support!
  • WRITE A POST about Laura’s intivitive or COPY this one to your blog (I’m ok with you copying just this once)!  Let me know if you need the HTML version to keep the buttons in tact.  ;)
  • ASK OTHERS to get involved by voting, sharing and writing about this cause!





  • Spina bifida is more common than muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined.
  • Latinos have the highest incidence of spina bifida out of all the ethnic groups.
  • Ireland is the country with the highest incidence of spina bifida in the world.
  • About 50 percent of babies with spina bifida are selectively aborted after being diagnosed with spina bifida.
  • Doctors recommend that every woman of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida up to 70 percent of the time. In spite of this, there are currently an estimated 166,000people in the U.S. living with spina bifida– up from just 76,000 just last year.
  • About 90 percent of people with spina bifida are also born with hydrocephalus. Many need a shunt inserted near the brain to drain the excess cerebrospinal fluid– and many requiremultiple shunt replacements during their lives.
  • Other very common secondary conditions include bladder and bowel incontinence, as well as frequent urinary tract infections.
  • After the onset of puberty, young people with spina bifida are more prone to clinical depression than most people. Researchers think this may be due in part to social isolation.

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