Life Change Challenge: Week 4 {Healthy Stuff I Love}

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite healthy stuff.  Below are some healthy snacks and kid friendly treats that we frequently use in our home.  I hope that you will enjoy them too and maybe there are some here that you already use!  If you have any great healthy finds that you love, please link up with us below and share your post with us, old or new!  Also, follow along with the Life Change Challenge posts and learn more about my Life Change Challenge.  You’re welcome to join in anytime!  :)

Snacks & Salad Toppings

One line of products that I love and have been using for years is Good Sense.  You may not know them by name, but I’m sure you’ve seen them in the produce section of your local food market.  I love Good Sense products because they’re both healthy and tasty.  They have a great variety of products too, including dried fruits, trail mixes, nuts, seeds, dried veggies, organics, salad toppers and even some sweet treats!

Recently, my hubby and I were planning a dinner with chicken waldorf and as we were looking around for all the items for our salad in the produce section, we stumbled into another great product, Salad Pizazz.  This product is also made my Good Sense (Waymouth Farms) and it’s probably one of the most delicious salad toppings we’ve found.

I love the Rasberry Cranberry Walnut Frisco!  I ended up buying a couple of different flavors and, over the weekend, I made chicken waldorf, tuna salad sandwiches and a blue cheese and arugula salad all with these awesome Salad Pizazz products.  Very tasty!

I love items like these because they make healthy foods more fun to eat.  I’ll often buy sunflower seeds or pepitas from Good Sense to mix into salads and I love mixing their sesame sticks and nuts into asian noodle dishes.

Healthier Treats for the Little Ones

I’m always on the look out for healthier alternatives for my baby girl and one product that we’ve been buying a fair amount of lately are Buddy Fruits.  I love the ease of these snacks.  Buddy Fruits’ Fruit Bites come in easy resealable packets, so your kids don’t have to finish them all at once (I love that) and if they want a little bit of each, you can always mix and match and then reseal!

They also have squeezable fruit blends and fruit and milk smoothies.  I’m dying to try the smoothies with Lily, but I haven’t seen them at retailers yet.  I’ll be looking for those and keep you posted.  As for the fruit bites and fruit blend pouches, both are pretty tasty.  I still limit my daughter’s sugar intake, but these are an excellent replacement for the typical children’s fruit snacks which have virtually no fruit and sometimes none at all.

Another of Lily’s favorite “treats” is her Pediasure.  For parents who have little ones with slow growth or who are picky eaters, like my daughter, your child’s pediatrician may recommend these as a supplement.  They are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients and they help your little ones to get all the extra calories they need in a healthy and tasty way!

These are a bit pricey, but well worth having and can be covered on WIC with a referral.  You can also find a $3 off Pediasure coupon on their website!

Lily absolutely LOVES these milks and to her they are a special treat that she gets before bedtime.  She loves picking our her favorite animal each night and sometimes we’ll even mix flavors.  They currently have five flavors; Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Berry and Chocolate.  You can also find their Sidekicks line, which are high in fiber and protein.  Those come in three flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.  All of their shakes are gluten-free and safe for kids with Lactose intolerance.

*All of the products mentioned here can be found at your local Walmart stores.

What are some of your favorite healthy products?  How do you substitute healthy choices for less healthy items?  Share your tips with us!


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