"Mars Needs Moms" = Anti-Feminist Propaganda {For Kids?}


“Mars Needs Moms” = Anti-Feminist Propaganda {For Kids?}

My husband went searching Redbox (a last alternative) to find a movie to watch for Thanksgiving tonight and he picked up “Mars Needs Moms”, a Disney film that circulated widely this past year.  We were hopeful that since the title included “moms” that it would be a family-friendly view, but I’m disgusted to report that it was not.  Perhaps many reading this already are aware of the tragedy of this film’s production, but since my husband and I rarely stay on top of the entertainment industry happenings, we were in the dark on this one.

So, why was I disgusted?  Well, the main premise of the film is that mars needs to abduct disciplinarian moms to program their nanny bots, who will then spank and discipline Martian children, minus the love and compassion of real blood, sweat and tears moms.  The film escalates more and more through each scene with some graphic depictions of moms nearing destruction as the aliens drain their disciplining skills in order to program their nanny bots.  That irked me…A LOT, but still held hardly a candle to the heavy anti-feminist overtones present in this film.

I am deeply offended by the assumption that feminists are somehow connected to man-hating and selfishness!  Are we really ok with children’s films telling our children that “complaining” about inequalities is “evil” and female success and authority equates to “reverse-sexism” against men??  I’m sorry, but this isn’t the lesson that I want to teach my daughter and if I had a son, I sure wouldn’t want to paint a scenario for him that makes it acceptable for him to silence female concerns.  We should raise our daughters with the strength to stand against inequality and our sons to support them and be a voice of reason to men who may not be aware of their privilege and misconceptions about what a woman should and should not be.

Honestly, this film shocked me in the worst way.  I really didn’t expect to see a children’ film that was quite so anti-woman…all the while claiming itself to be “pro-mom“.  Maybe some haven’t noticed…but we are ONE.  I am BOTH a MOM…and a WOMAN.  Yes, I know…shocking, isn’t it!?

Mars Needs Moms projects a highly anti-feminist message to our children that 1) men are mindless, useless and cannot contribute to parenting or family life, 2) women who are driven are selfish and cold-hearted and don’t see the value of cultivating a family, 3) these women are not capable of mothering and are actually repulsed by it, 4) moms are made for mothering and those who fail to tap into that truth are “evil”, 5) the act of feminism  — that’s female equality folks — can be summed up as a show of controlling, ravenous, man-hating motivated by selfish pursuits that leave children alone and unloved in an icy “mom-less” world.

Mars Needs Moms prompts our daughters and sons to believe that a choice must be made.  A woman can either be a GOOD mom, or an EVIL man-hating, she-beast.  Even more interesting is the fact that the main character’s father is hardly present throughout the film and in the beginning it is noted that he is “too busy” to commit his attention to his son…because he’s working.  However, at the end of the film, when the father returns home, the film runs right past the opportunity to demonstrate the father’s importance in the home.  No apologies for his demonstrated lack of involvement are given and the son seems satisfied in knowing that his care is solely in his mother’s hands.  Is this then, another signal to our viewing children that a father’s lack of involvement is both acceptable and necessary and therefore…good??

More ridiculous still, is the fact that this film is presented all the while America is experiencing one of it’s steepest inclines in fatherless-ness EVER.  Is it really the disappearance of moms that makes the world colder?  Or could it be the societal belief that a man’s place is outside of the home??  I mean, if women are beginning to work outside of the home, shouldn’t men be picking up some of the slack for more in-the-home duties??  The fact that many men are ok with leaving a double burden on women is a direct result of sexism.

Whether or not Hollywood will accept that women face inequalities, they do!  Women are EXPECTED to take on the majority (if not all) of parenting and this isn’t because women are better at it or because they “make the babies”, it’s simply because sexism allows men to view women’s abilities and responsibilities from a place of privilege.

But, the fact that this TRUTH was completely ignored in the film, made it even more volatile.  In Mars Needs Moms, no mention is given to the inequalities that women face, yet there is ample focus given to caricatures of man-hating, selfish women who are cold-hearted and “bad mothers”.  A good example is the female leadership (note: the “supervisor” in charge had a Hillary Clinton haircut…coincidence?) which forces males to live underground and who rely on robots to raise their young.  Please tell me why anyone would want their children to watch this drama playing out?

I wonder if others were also put off by clear racial and gender overtones visible in the film…what do you think?  Are the intentions of this film clear?  I feel like this film had a clear agenda…perhaps more than one.  Personally, I’m not one for the whole “Planet of the Apes”/”1984” references and I don’t think they’re appropriate for mentions in a “FUN” family film.  Call me crazy.

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