Mom's Rising Creates Blog-a-thon to Shed Light on Georgia's Anti-Immigrant Law, HB-87

 Image:, a revolutionary site for moms who want to change the world, has orgazined an amazing Blog-a-thon of posts, written by a dozen of the women delegates who responded to Georgia’s HB-87.  The women, who represent over two dozen organizations, including the National Domestic Workers AllianceAFL-CIOCenter for Reproductive RightsNational Asian Pacific American Women’s ForumFeminist Majority as well as MomsRising, are part of the We Belong Together Delegation, a group of women who are bringing attention to “the ways in which unjust immigration laws affect women, children and families.



Latina blogger, Elisa Batista, wrote about the women delegates, who met in Georgia recently to bring an apposing voice to the conversations about HB-87 and similar anti-immigrant laws, on Fox News Latino.  She writes,

The women’s delegation in Georgia is bearing witness to stories such as these: mothers separated from their children or their spouses; women who fear reporting domestic violence and sexual assault, even at the hands of U.S. citizens; women dutifully contributing to our economy, yet living in the shadows for fear of workplace and home raids by local police; racial profiling and division in their communities as one group is pitted against another.

These women are not just a statistic. They are our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors who have come to America’s shores for a better life for their children and are working hard to make it. They are our neighbors and the moms of our children’s friends. Criminalizing them is not only an affront to their humanity, but what we stand for as a country.”


I absolutely agree with Elisa and I see immigration laws like SB-1070, HB-56 and HB-87 as an attack on families, on those who can do little to defend themselves and ultimately, against basic human rights.  We often think very little about the individuals that these laws affect, since American media channels only tell one side of the story, but more than ever before, there are opportunities to learn about the true affects of our broken immigration system and the harsh laws that are cropping up in states that give little thought to human rights, like Alabama, Arizona and Georgia.  Take the opportunity, do your homework and take a stand.

Learn more about these recent state-enacted immigration laws:


Learn more about immigrant families and how basic human rights are being infringed:


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