5 Reasons Why We’re Moving to South Texas

5 Reasons Why We’re Moving to South Texas

I’ve been asked a few times and I’m glad to explain.  Here are our top five reasons why South Texas is the next place we’ll call home.

1. The Language – We are absolutely determined to raise our kids bilingual, and realistically, South Dakota is not the place to do it.  We’ve always known that.  South Texas will bring a level of language immersion that just isn’t possible here…not to mention, a healthy dose of self-confidence and ownership in the fact that Spanish is their language.

2. The Culture – Tejano culture is in a league all its own.  The food is unique, the music is unique, and the language is too.  The best way for our kids to get a sense of their roots, and essentially, understand why daddy strongly identifies as “Tejano” is for them to experience it themselves.

3. Family – South Texas holds more than just our hearts.  It’s the place that so many of our family and close friends call home.  It’s the place where my husband’s always felt the most loved and at home, and where he spent his childhood years playing on his abuelo’s porch and kicking dirt with his primos on the ranch.  Our worlds will never be fully intertwined until we’ve experienced South Texas as a family.

4. Adventure – New places and new faces.  Moving to South Texas means exploring new locations, meeting new people and doing things that we’ve never done before.  It’s an opportunity to explore and appreciate the world around us.  Our hope is that this adventure will teach our kids to always be adventurous.

5. Fearlessness – My husband and I have held back on so many things over our lifetimes due to fear.  We don’t want our kids to hesitate the way that we have.  By moving across the country, we’re showing our kids that they can go anywhere and do anything.  The world is completely open to them.  They can explore, try new things, and be fearless in life.  And if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.  You just adjust your plan and start fresh tomorrow.  ♥

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