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Multiracial Donors Needed!

I have a biracial daughter and like many of you, I worry about her future everyday.  I worry about her education, about how she’ll overcome other people’s expectations and about her success in a world that doesn’t quite understand what it means to be ‘mixed’.

A new worry has come to mind recently though, and it’s one that I didn’t even know I had to worry about.  Donor matching.

A few months back, I stumbled across a charity organization called Mixed Marrow that specializes in finding donors for multiethnic individuals with life threatening diseases like Leukemia.

I learned that genetics and ethnicity play a role in bone marrow matching and for multiethnic patients, they usually can only find their match in someone with the same multiethnic mix.  Unfortunately, even though multiracials are a rapidly growing community in the U.S., connecting mixed race individuals with matches has been extremely difficult because many aren’t even aware of the need and have not yet donated.

When my daughter was very young, about two months old, she had to be hospitalized many times due to illness.  Fortunately, it turned out that her situation would not be life threatening or permanent.  But for many families, the illnesses that they face can be much more dire and frightening.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were something that we could do to help them?  To take their children’s pain away?  To help our spouses, siblings and other mixed race family and friends?

For our fellow multiracial families, there is something we can do.  We can register as donors with Be The Match and encourage our families and friends to do the same.  We can fund the ‘Mixed Match’ film to help spread the word nationwide about how important and necessary multiracial donors are for these families.

Please, share this post.  Get involved.  Donate your time and money to making this project a reality for mixed individuals and families.


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About Mixed Match

Mixed Match is an inspirational, emotional, and evocative feature-length documentary by multi award winning filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns that explores the need to find mixed ethnicity bone marrow and cord blood donors to donate to multiethnic patients suffering from life threatening blood diseases such as leukemia.  This live action and animated film is a dramatic journey focusing on the main characters’ struggles to survive against incredible odds.  

Mixed Match is an important human story told from the perspective of youth who are forced to discover their identities through their deadly illnesses and how their mixed backgrounds threaten their chances at survival, thus highlighting why in this day and age, race still matters.  

With the help of Mixed Marrow and first-hand stories from patients and their supporters, we hope to spread awareness about the need for multiethnic donors worldwide. ~ from



  • Learn more about Mixed Marrow, their mission and the organizations they work with to help bring matches to multiethnic families.


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