INTERVIEW: 'Mixed Chicks Chat' {Mixed Families & Latinos}

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‘Mixed Chicks Chat’ {Mixed Families & Latinos}

I’ve been talking about the ‘mixed’ experience for a while now on my blog, not always being aware that it could be considered mixed, but knowing that our family was somehow different.  I’ll often joke with my husband and tell him we’re the “modern” family…the special ones who’ve chosen to ‘integrate instead of segregate’.  ;)  It’s something we’re proud of, in spite of the fact that there are many who might see interracial life as a negative.  Originally, I took to blogging to find my voice in a world where I felt silenced about race, but my journey grew as I began to discover other families like mine…individuals with experiences like ours.  It’s been a very empowering journey and one that I don’t want to lose any momentum.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been invited to participate in some pretty unique discussions.  I recently guest hosted on the ‘Is That Your Child?’ podcast twice (thank you Michelle!) and was invited to come speak about today on Mixed Chicks Chat.  For me, this is a huge honor, primarily because these women have always made me feel welcomed into their discussions and are actually interested in what I have to say.  For me, a woman who’s grown up in an impoverished and often underprivileged family, I still find it amazing every time someone wants to hear my thoughts and opinions.  Yes, I’m out spoken, but part of that has to do with the fact that I’ve felt silenced for much of my life.  I know I’ve been lucky to have a hubby who has always encouraged me to find my voice, even if racism isn’t exactly the kind of topic that most people want to talk about, or acknowledge.  We all need an outlet for our voice and a ‘cheerleader’ of sorts to encourage us when we have doubts about whether we “deserve” to speak our minds and express our views.  A place where we can just be real and lay the raw, naked truth about race out on the table.  This blog has been that for me and I know that many more bloggers are also finding inspiration in these podcasts and in other blogs where people are taking the leap to say ‘out-loud’ what we’re all thinking.  Just want to send a special thank you out to all those inspiring people for letting us in on their world and for saying what needs to be said…and heard.

As for my Mixed Chicks Chat experience, it was great to talk with this crew that’s making mixed life the buzz of the nation with all their hard work!  And there were some great personal questions in our interview that I didn’t expect, but that made me think about my own identity in a much deeper way.  “What Are You?”  It’s been a while since I’ve been asked and it feels good to say out-loud that I’m Austrian, Polish, Dutch, Cherokee…and so much more!  Hey…I am mixed!  

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