NaBloPoMo: Today's Prompt is "Conflict"



Ok, so WordPress said that I have to write about “conflict” today.  I know I don’t really have to, but today is one of those days that needs prompting.  ;)

Well, this shouldn’t be hard for me.  I actually grew up in a family with three other siblings and we always fought about everything.  Who’s turn it was to play with what toy.  Who got to have the last Chick-o-Stick and who got to sit right in front of the tv after school.

Wanna know how my parents resolved our disputes?

Two ways.

#1 – They ignored us and let us practically kill each other.

#2 – They punished us all and ignored our cries of innocence.

That pretty much sums it up.

Well, those two resolutions taught me a lot about diplomacy and why I hate dictatorships.

I think that’s why I ultimately became and entrepreneur.  I didn’t want to play by anyone’s rules but my own + I didn’t want to share.  Go figure.

No…but really, I’m glad for all the times that I had to work things out with my sisters and brother.  I probably had to take on a little too much, too young, but I became the mediator.  I was the one who broke up the fights, made sure everything was split evenly and became the policer of arguments so we wouldn’t have to deal with the wrath of our parents.

I was proud of that role, even though it scared me half to death at times, but in the end, we’re all stronger as a result of the challenges we’ve taken on.

I can see that you’re a lot stronger too.

Now come back and see me again tomorrow.  ;)

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