O.J. Simpson Rerun: Casey Anthony Not Guilty?!


I remember the fleeing Bronco, the case heard round the world, and when Casey Anthony first came into question about her little girl’s disappearance, the first thing I thought was, “Here we go again…my god, we’re not going to find this little girl”. I’m shocked by this verdict and I know much of the country is shocked with me, and wondering, how did she get away with this?


Her stories sounded phony and her attitudes didn’t seem like those of a grieving mother as all of America was sent on a wild goose chase wondering who was responsible and where was little Caylee.  We prayed for her, searched for her, spread the news far and wide to try to track down this precious little one…and as the case widened we discovered that her mother was keeping more and more secrets from the police, secrets that could have helped us to find Caylee, that is, if her mother had wanted it that way.  The fact that so many details were kept secret and that so many of Casey’s assertions were uncovered as lies, has led many Americans to see her as clearly involved, if not responsible for, the murder.  Yet, in similar fashion to the O.J. Simpson case, it seems that Casey has been found innocent!  Why?


One has to wonder if her delicate image as a white mother played any part, or what other sympathies might have helped her case. Perhaps jurors have also seen the signs of mental illness or they think she’s learned her lesson; time served?  Whatever the reasons though, this verdict will not stop millions of Americans from feeling that she is guilty.  And it won’t wipe our memories clean of the horrible atrocities that this little girl has suffered without justice.  Perhaps Caylee’s mom is innocent, but what if she’s not?  What have we taught our children about the American Justice system?  A place where Black men are often thrown away behind bars and young white women are seen as “worth saving”.  Maybe this has nothing to do with the outcome of this case, or maybe it has everything to do with it.


I suppose her lawyer is pretty happy to be in the Johnnie Cochran Hall of Fame now.  I mean, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he listened to the words “Not Guilty”.  I suppose you might be relieved if you’d helped to acquit an innocent woman, but I can’t help but wonder.  How about you America? Will you ever forget this case?  Do you think justice has been served?  Are we paying tribute to Caylee by allowing her mother “freedom” as Sheriff Demings claims in the video below? They’re doing a hard push for us to believe that justice was found here…but the question is, do we believe them?


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