Our Wedding – Part 2 (The Beauties)

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The Better Parts of Our Intercultural Wedding

Although our wedding had been very stressful and caused me to have a near breakdown just weeks before the “I DOs”, we were happy to finally be married and proud that we didn’t let our families stand in the way of our union.  Trust me, that was no easy task!  There is still more to tell on that topic!  Lol!  But here we were, at our wedding…nothing could stop us.  :)  It was a beautiful wedding, minus a few glitches, and when I look back there are quite a few really wonderful memories, the decorated aisles, the sleek bridesmaid dresses, and the delicacies.  I remember how I brought all the men in my family to tears.  You see, I’m not the “girly” type.  I’m more of a “tomboy”, a sports fanatic and an outdoorsy, strong-willed type of woman.  When I was young it always got me teased and made me an outsider, but I was lucky enough to find a man who absolutely loved that about me.  We were best friends. Well, it was the first time that I had worn a dress in my adult life, had my hair done, makeup, the works.  They kept telling me how beautiful I was and drying their eyes.  Yeah, that was so touching and wonderful because the men in my family are macho X2!
wedding, mixed race, multicultural, interracial, marriage, biracial, intercultural, Latino, hispanic, white woman, latino man
When I got up to the alter, my hubby’s face was completely in grin.  He was ecstatic and it was beautiful to see that!  Through the wedding we did nothing but look at each other.  Everything else disappeared into the background and when our families had gripes about the ceremony afterwards, all we could say was, “Oh, sorry…we didn’t notice.”  It makes me smile even now…thank God we didn’t notice!  He gave us each other that day.

When the wedding was finished, we greeted our family and friends on the steps, posed for pictures, and it was back to reality and interaction with our overly critical familia. Needless to say, we slipped away and just spent time alone together between the wedding and reception…for a little breather.  When it came time for the reception, we arrived at the hall refreshed and hopeful.  We walked in to find it beautifully decorated and smelling delicious!  Our cake…pastel de tres leches…was thawing on a table and looked absolutely beautiful!  It was a symbol of this wedding, pure white, soft, sweet and with a beautiful silver cross on top.  Yes, a reminder of who’s really in charge of this marriage and that we would be ok…as long as we kept Him in the forefront of our minds. We were going to be ok.

wedding, mixed race, multicultural, interracial, marriage, biracial, intercultural, Latino, hispanic, white woman, latino manFollowing the wedding, my suegros told us that we would be responsible for cleaning the hall, but despite that, my hubby had a plan to sneak away.  Lol!  At 11:30pm we left the hall and packed up our truck without even saying goodbye and we took off for our honeymoon.  Without fail, his sister called to ask where he was!  He made up some kind of story and we kept driving without stopping!  We ended up passing through several towns with no hotel rooms available, so we slept our first night in the back of our truck…completely exhausted, but content that we were together. It was so liberating!

The next morning, we started our journey and lived for the next week traveling Michigan’s upper peninsula and living off the very generous gifts that we had gotten from our wedding guests and padrinos.  God bless them!  They were so supportive and all we did was run out on them that night!  We had so much fun though and it was way overdue.  We played with some cute little baby bears, saw the Edmund Fitzgerald at Whitefish Point and ate at a variety of cute little diners.  Some nights we slept in the truck and others we would go to hotels and spend time floating around in the pool.  We were being adventurous…walking though the woods to find the various waterfalls and canoeing, etc.  It was an amazing and beautiful area in and around Munising.  So beautiful that we made jokes about moving there someday to open a restaurant and settle with our hijitos.  Throughout our trip in the U.P. our cell phone never worked and I don’t have to tell you how much of a blessing that was.  We were completely at peace.  I won’t spoil the story by telling what happened when we got home, but we had the most amazing and peaceful trip together for our honeymoon…a blessing for sure!  =)

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