Raising Bilingual Children: It’s the Little Things

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Raising Bilingual Children: It’s the Little Things

Not long ago we celebrated a big milestone in our home.  Our daughter learned to roll her R’s.

In bilingual homes this is often a big deal, because rolling r’s doesn’t come naturally to everyone and as any Spanish learner knows, it can take quite some time before double r’s roll off the tongue comfortably.

I hadn’t spent much time with mija on rolling r’s because I know it’s a sensitive topic, it’s hard for some to do and if you push it, you just might leave a negative taste in their mouth about learning a second language.  So I’ve basically just rolled my r’s like normal hoping that she would follow my example in time.

On Sunday, January 22nd, I got a special surprise…mija followed suit…all on her own.  :)

raising bilingual children

I didn’t have to prompt her and we hadn’t studied the double r’s, but she heard me and naturally repeated.  I think that just goes to show that children pick up more than we are aware of and also that they learn a lot by example.  Speaking Spanish more often around her is an obvious necessity and beyond that, lately I’ve been trying to bring more Spanish media into the house through movies, music, books, etc.

Here’s a little clip of mija saying “perro” and telling her favorite knock, knock joke.  :)

[audio:|titles=Mija and Mommy Say Perro & Knock, Knock]
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