Mija Turns Five + Super Hero Birthdays!

super hero girl

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Mija Turns 5!

Earlier this week we celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday.  Five, the age she’s wanted to be for, like, forever…LOL.  Mija has been asking me since she was about two and a half.  “Mom, when am I going to be five?”

It’s her favorite number and it was so super special to finally get to celebrate it this past week.

Once mija was securely buckled up, we started off by going out for our first ever 3D movie, which was a ton of fun.  We booked a morning show so that we could have the whole theater to ourselves and Lily just loved that.  It was a great opportunity for extra special family time + the added comfort of chatting during the movie without being hushed.  #Priceless

We later had a picnic out, where mija could play with her friends and open up her presents.  Her favorite gifts?  A Ninja Turtle (Raphael) and her new big girl scooter (which she has been riding non-stop every chance she gets).

Super Hero Birthdays!

Since her birthday is so close to the fourth of July, we were able to grab some fireworks to light off after we got home.  That was the best part!  Then we finally had a moment to stop and have a slice of her yummy cake, which of course, featured all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  ;)

mija has always been a big fan of super heroes.  Last year she celebrated her fourth birthday with Spider-man, her all-time favorite hero.  I’m not sure who we’ll be celebrating next year, but you can bet it will be another super hero.  I’m working on finding a female super hero who can match the coolness of Spider-man, but that can get difficult considering how Hollywood over-sexualizes female heroines.

We loved the animated version of Avatar, so maybe we’ll do a Katara waterbending party.  ;)

If you’ve never seen the show, you can check it out here:

It’s pretty awesome.

We watched the whole series on Netflix Live Stream and quickly became addicted.  We love it because the kids are the heroes, plus it addresses diversity and equality in terms that both kids and adults will appreciate.

Check it out.  You won’t regret it. 

Spiderman Birthday Party

My Little Super Girl!

Just for fun, here’s a gratuitous super hero pic of mija from a couple of weeks ago!  She’s pretty darn cute I think.  ;)

super hero girl

How do you teach your kids to embrace their inner super hero?  What are your kids favorite heroes or television characters?

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