Super Simple Veggie Tales Balloon Puppets Craft {Bob & Larry Boy}

Veggie Tales balloon craft

Veggie Tales balloon craft

Veggie Tales Balloon Puppets Craft

Lily and I make balloon animals and mock cartoon characters ALL.THE.TIME.  She loves puppets and we probably do a mini puppet show just about everyday.  She’s three and a half, so she’s at that wonderful stage where she thinks that her puppets and toys are really talking to her.  ADORABLE.  I love how her creative little mind works!

To make her puppet friends extra special, I really like to create them at home so that she can decide which characters she wants and how she wants them to look.  She has full creative control.  ;)

Lily especially likes it when we make Veggie Tales, the Incredibles and mini balloon animals.  Typically, I buy the little colored water balloons that you find in the toy aisle or at the dollar store.  They’re very inexpensive, come in so many color varieties and are just the right size for little toddler hands.  :)

A simple permanent marker works well to create the images on your balloons, but I’ve even used the fun crafting pens in gold, silver and a variety of other colors.  Sometimes we also use tissue paper or construction paper to glue on cute little outfits and hats…so you can definitely get all kinds of creative!

I would love to hear what kinds of homemade crafts and activities you do with your little ones.  If you make puppets, what are your kids’ favorite characters?

*Reminder: Balloons require supervision with younger children.


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