Talking White Privilege & Mixed Life with Michelle from 'Is That Your Child?'

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The biggest proponent of racism is the silence that white families often have when it comes to discussing race. The simplest explanation for why this silence furthers racism, is that prejudice and stereotypes can never be overcome unless we take the actions necessary to disprove them in our hearts and minds.  Growing up with certain assumptions about race flowing in and out of our daily interactions can create an alternate reality, in which we begin to believe the untruthes about a group of people, simply because the ideas are continually planted and we don’t have the tools to disprove them.  Often times, our minds are not intentionally driving these thoughts, but realizing that we have them and actively dismantling them one by one is the key to undoing racism.


I had the pleasure of talking with Michelle from the ‘Is That Your Child?’ podcast about white privilege, the importance of addressing racism and how I’ve worked to overcome the prejudices and assumptions that I grew up with.  I’d love to hear your stories and experiences and get your feedback on our discussion.  Read Michelle’s post about our discussion.


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