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The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker by Vianney Rodriguez

The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker by Vianney Rodriguez

I am so extremely excited to share that my friend and fellow blogger, Vianney Rodriguez from, has published her second cookbook, The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker, which is available now on Amazon.  Vianney has been working for the better part of the past year to create this amazing book, filled with 100 delicious Tex-Mex recipes, painstakingly developed with slow cooking in mind.

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As a small business owner, blogger and mom (I’m busy y’all!), I cannot express how much I appreciate having all of my favorite Tex-Mex recipes in this format.  I absolutely love cooking, but I just don’t have the time to hover over a hot stove all day, and that’s why I love this book so much.

Let’s be real…set it and forget it has become my motto! ?

Order The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker on Amazon!

I’ve already bought three copies and I plan to giveaway a few copies here on the blog!  I have so many plans for recipes already…from slow cooker brisket and barbacoa, to frijoles borrachos and dulce de leche hot chocolate.

Grab your copy today and get 100 incredible Tex-Mex appetizers, sides, mains, cocktails, desserts and more!  Whether you’re cooking or family meal or entertaining guests, this cookbook has something for everyone!

✨✨✨ Click here to get your copy of The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker on Amazon. ✨✨✨

From Amazon: 

The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker: 100 Delicious Recipes for Easy Everyday Meals

100 bold, delicious, and easy Tex-Mex recipes

Chili con carne, carnitas, borracho beans―Tex-Mex cooking is irresistibly delicious, but it takes time to build up those layers of flavor. It’s a job tailor-made for the slow cooker. In The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker, recipe developer and blogger Vianney Rodriguez lets her favorite appliance do the work for stewed-all-day results with half the effort. Beans and chili simmered for hours? Check. Tamale casserole? Check. Bright, complex salsa verde? Check. Recipes inspired by classics of Tex-Mex cuisine, as well as modern twists on old favorites include:

  • Chile Con Queso
  • Classic Margarita Fajitas
  • Tamale Pie
  • Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake

From weeknight dinners to game-day spreads, these simple, flavorful dishes are sure to please.
100 color photographs

✨✨✨ Click here to get your copy of The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker on Amazon. ✨✨✨

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