The Amazing Spider-Man – Are you going?

the amazing spider man july 3 preview

The Amazing Spider-Man – Are you going?

There is a new Spider-Man coming out in theaters July 3 and I’m interested to see how this one plays out.  From the trailers available on YouTube, it seems to me that they’ve included more of Spider-Man’s humanity and cockiness in this film…something I’m looking forward to.

I have to admit, I’m more than a little disappointed to see another Spider-Man film without our new favorite lead…Miles Morales.  When will biracial Spider-Man be part of the equation?  Seriously, a biracial kid playing a character with a dual-identity? Yeah, it’s a more than perfect fit. ;) Just putting it out there, because my daughter is a Spider-Man fanatic, and she’s waiting on you Hollywood.

While I’m waiting though, I will be checking out this version and I’m even a little more curious about it knowing that it’s not one of those massive budget productions.  The director, Marc Webb (pun?? LOL) is actually a music video director and this is only his second film.  The actors involved are a bit on the “indie” side also.  Most are not your big budget actors and I like that.  I appreciate that individuals are making this happen without the big bucks.

Another funny point to make…Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) was also in BBC’s Dr. Who.  Why is this funny?  My dad was obsessed with the original series, which I watched many, many times growing up (he’s a science geek…as I am now) and I just think it’s a cute little cross-over.  ;)

the amazing spider man doc connorsAlso looking forward to seeing a version with Doc Connors and the whole dynamic between him and Peter Parker/Spider-Man being both friends and enemies.  Probably one of the most interesting relationships played out in the series, so I’m sure this will be a great addition to the film.

For you other super-hero fanatics (and especially fans of the dual-identity web-crawler, Spider-Man), are you going to see the film?  

Do you have bigger hopes for it or smaller based on the budget, crew and cast?

If you do go see it, be sure to leave your review in the comments!  I would love to hear what you thought of it!  :)



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