What Abuelo Taught Me #EarlyMomentsMatter

What Abuelo Taught Me

Every day, from now until Father’s Day, we’re celebrating dads.   My husband and I didn’t have great dads growing up, but we were loved by some pretty important men in our lives, outside of our fathers.

For hubby, it was his abuelo…who taught him wisdoms that would last him a lifetime.  Now he uses that knowledge to guide him in his own experience as a stay-at-home dad of two.

In this week’s video, the hubs shares his take on growing up with an absentee father, how his abuelo made him want to be a better dad and what it means to be a father. #SuperDads #EarlyMomentsMatter UNICEF

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What Abuelo Taught Me #EarlyMomentsMatter with UNICEF

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