What really happened in Ferguson?

what really happened in ferguson missouri

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What really happened in Ferguson?

You’ve probably been watching this whole story unfold in the news and have been shocked, disgusted and angry at the quality of journalism surrounding Ferguson.

As someone who gets my news online, I’ve been lucky to see many different stories from a variety of sources and I just wanted to take a minute to share with you some of what has been making the rounds via social media.

Below are the links to several articles, reports and videos that deal with this case, the situation in Ferguson and the discussions on police and excessive force.

I hope you’ll take a look and form your own opinions.

Celebrities Draw Attention to Ferguson | MSNBC

View on MSNBC

How the media has portrayed Michael Brown | MSNBC

View on MSNBC

Bad Police Reporting by the New York Times | MSNBC

View on MSNBC

Articles from across the web

Is there another perspective you’d like to share?  Please drop your thoughts or links below in the comments.  Thanks! 


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