Here’s What’s Inside a Dollar Shave Club Box

Here’s What’s Inside a Dollar Shave Club Box

Today on the blog, hubby is reviewing Dollar Shave Club.  This is his first time trying it and he was really happy with it.  You can watch his full video review below.

For more on Dollar Shave Club + a look at what’s inside a box, scroll down to watch our video review.  In the video, he does an unboxing to show you what’s inside, shaves with the razors so you can see the quality, and tests out their signature shave butter.

Product Highlights:

  • When you order your first box from Dollar Shave Club, it’s only $1 (shipping is free!).
  • Their shave butter is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have a chemical smell.
  • The razors are the same quality that you would expect to get in any store, but come delivered straight to your door for extra convenience.
  • Every month, Dollar Shave Club will send you a new set of blades + you’ll have the opportunity to add other fun shave products to your order.
  • If you don’t like it, you can cancel your service at any time.

What’s inside:

  • A razor
  • Blades
  • Optional: Add your favorite shave products; like shave butter, flushable wipes or hair and skin care products.

“Your first month of our 2, 4, or 6-blade razor is just $1, with free shipping. Then, we’ll ship a full cassette of cartridges every month for as little as $3. Cancel anytime with a few clicks.”

Click here to try Dollar Shave Club or gift a box to a friend!

Watch the video below to see what’s inside a Dollar Shave Club box

Video not displaying? Click here to watch on YouTube.

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