Where Do Our Favorite Spices Come From?

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The Origins of Spices

I’m pretty much a nerd when it comes to everything science-based and I especially love learning about world cultures. So when I recently stumbled onto this video about the origins of spices, I knew I had to share it.

The video shares the origins of many of our favorite spices, as well as an explanation for why we humans love our spices. And that mostly comes down to spices being historically used as anti-bacterials, preservatives and are just plain tasting great!

I especially loved the explanation for peoples near the equator using more intense spices, which those in colder climates had a relatively low need for them.

I mean, geography has a lot more to do with varying cultures than we might think. And this video does a great job of explaining how and why we choose to eat certain spices.

I’ve found a lot of interesting videos on the Atlas Pro YouTube channel, which focuses mostly on geography, geology, biology, and ecology. Super interesting stuff. Definitely check them out!

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