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Becoming a Feminist Mom

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about shedding the pink skin I wear on Bicultural Mom.  For one, it’s never been my favorite color, it doesn’t exactly depict strength or political savvy, so what’s the point in keeping it around?

To answer that question, I had to think deep about why I chose the color pink in the first place.  I wasn’t really trying to make a statement with it, but then again, maybe I was.  When I started Bicultural Mom, I was a new mom with an almost two year…a little girl, just as fiery as her mama and every bit as independent.  Everyday she taught me something new about what it meant to be a “girl”…a woman.  There was wisdom in her actions…and strength.

As family members on both sides flooded our home with pink everything, the color began to grow on me.  I began to see that it didn’t define me or my daughter.  Pink wasn’t a color of the dainty, submissive or dependent…society created these labels and they can be undone.

When I started Bicultural Mom almost a year ago, this is one of the thoughts that raced through my mind.  How can I re-define pink?  How can I re-define woman?  How can I make these new definitions a reality for my daughter?

This brings me to my one year anniversary as a blogger.  I started Bicultural Mom earlier this year in January, and since then I’ve thought a lot about why I blog, why I talk so much about identity and awareness…and why I’ve chosen pink.  I think all of it plays into the feeling that so many of us are labeled and silenced when we attempt to reveal our true selves.

What does it mean to be a woman?  To be feminist?  To be Black?  Latino?  Asian?  What does it mean to be you?  Each of us is unique and none of us deserves to live with labels that don’t fit our story.  For me, Bicultural Mom is about destroying those labels and making them false for our children…because my daughter deserves better.

So, for now, the pink remains.  ♥


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