Why You Should Donate to Julián Castro’s Campaign Right Now

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Why You Should Donate to Julián Castro’s Campaign

Julián Castro’s campaign announced last week that he needs to raise $800,000 by Halloween or he may be forced to exit the Democratic presidential race.​​​​​​​

Julián is hustling double-time to generate funding by the end of the month, even promising at one point that his brother Joaquin would shave his head if they could raise $100,000 in a single day. He risks not qualifying for the Democratic debate stage in November and for me, that is just not acceptable.

Win or lose, our children deserve to see a Latinx candidate on the stage. As a parent, I know that representation matters. It’s why I moved my family across the country so my kids could have roots in South Texas. 💖

Castro is an activist, someone who has shown that he invests in our kids and a strong candidate for president. Please consider donating to his campaign before the deadline.

He’s also someone who really cares about and fights for the issues that really matter to me and my family, like gun violence, immigration, healthcare, and criminal justice reform and early childhood education.

He’s also an important leader in the conversation so far, holding candidates accountable for their policies on criminal justice reform, immigration, and other important issues.

Even if you don’t know yet if you plan to vote for Castro or someone else, it’s important that we don’t eliminate a quality candidate so early in the race. Donate to help Castro make it through all of the debates! His voice is one that America needs to hear.

Donate to Julián Castro’s Campaign

Can you donate $2, $12 or even $22 to Julián’s campaign?

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