Word"less" Wednesday: James Craig Anderson

murder in mississippi james craig anderson

James Craig Anderson

Race is real, a real cause of death, a real reason for hate.  It’s something we seem to be able to ignore and yet, it manages to divide us.  If we deny that race played a part in this man’s death, we deny the truth, we disregard our guilt and the guilt of others…and we deny justice for this man and his family.

Is our innocence worth this injustice?  How long can we continue to believe that we are not a part of the problem?  White authorities failed, white parents failed, white teachers failed, white peers failed, white youth have failed.  We have failed this man.  We have failed him through our lack of involvement in the anti-racism effort.

It is not enough to simply tell our kids that color doesn’t matter, we must show them why it does.  We must show them why everyone matters.  This man matters.

[Watch the CNN footage]

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