World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal – Really???

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Last week, this YouTube video was circulating wildly and when I read the title along with comments like, “Omg…beautiful!” I just couldn’t help myself and I watched.  What I saw was something I totally didn’t expect, that left me a little confused and a lot disgusted.  Here’s the video in question…



Automatically I was unsure, since a woman crying over a man is often a natural precursor for some demented male fantasy where he is the “center of her universe”.  While being the center of a woman’s universe isn’t automatically a negative, I just have to wonder…how much does sexism play a role in this supposed “fantasy proposal”?  I mean, for one thing, the woman is lead to believe that her boyfriend may be unfaithful.  Why?  Honestly, a lot of men play this game and they like to “tease” women and keep them guessing about whether or not they are “deserving” enough to hold onto a man. Women are constantly degrading their worth in accordance to the expectations of men and this proposal seems to play into that issue and actually exploit it! Brilliant way to start out a marriage, right?  Well, I suppose it is, if you’re trying to make the point to your woman that she is “lucky to have you”.  Did that point get made here?  Umm…yeah, I think it did.

What’s worse, this woman was put on the spot in front of thousands and on LIVE television where a quick decision had to be made.  That can be pretty tricky and for a woman who was wary 15 minutes ago about whether or not her man is faithful, it’s definitely a tall order.  I mean, she hasn’t even had time to process what happened.

After viewing the video, I posted to my Facebook page to see what response other women might be having.  Are opinions on this all positive?  Were other women offended?  Sure enough, there were some individuals who stepped forward in agreement (see below).  You can read the full thread here.



What are your thoughts?  Is this a harmless proposal?  Something for men to aspire to?  Or is it tinged with sexism and a lack of consideration of a woman’s perspective?




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